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Professional, Safe, Fun and Motivating Atmosphere

Leadership . Passion . Dedication

At Bay Valley Academy, we offer instruction for both recreational and competitive students in both dance and gymnastics. We feel progress and personal athletic potential are best realized in a professional, safe, fun, and motivating atmosphere. Not only are we creating well-rounded young athletes, but we are helping to shape the minds and spirits of our future leaders. 


Athletes today, leaders for life.

As a former athlete, I appreciate that Bay Valley Academy focuses on the basics and progressions while teaching my daughter high level skills.

- Nicole

I attended BVA, my sisters attended BVA, and now our children do, too. It is a family. They treat each student like they are their own. It feels like home every time I walk in the door.

- Allison

I was a BVA athlete for 10 years. I know that I could call my former coaches for anything today and they would have the same passion for helping me now that they did when I was in the program growing up.

- Emma

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