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Bay Valley Academy was founded by Dale and Holly Bills in 1976. BVA is one of the longest-running dance or gymnastics programs in the state of Michigan. We are the only facility in the tri-city area to offer a full dance and gymnastics program, for both the recreational and competitive athletes. Bay Valley Academy is currently owned and operated by Lindsay Woolever and Karrie Mieske. Both Lindsay and Karrie are former BVA athletes and their children are current students. They believe that kids deserve a place to be kids, a second home, a place to build life-long friendships and relationships. From teammates to business partners, their why is the kids.
As a team of instructors, we focus on:
-Teaching all students who come into our program safe skills in both dance and gymnastics.
-Helping each student achieve his or her potential through proper progressions.
-Building self-esteem in each student through POSITIVE teaching and reinforcement.
-Making sure that each student enjoys learning dance and gymnastics. IT MUST BE FUN!!

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