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What should my child wear to class?

Tumble Cubs and Bears: Leotards or comfortable clothing. Bare Foot

Tumble Kids (Recreational Gymnastics):

Girls- Preferably leotards or bike shorts and a tight fitting top (crop tops are okay but not recommended for Bars)

Boys- Comfortable clothing. Bare Foot


Girls- Leotards, or bike shorts, leggings, and a tight fitting top (crop tops are okay). If wearing just a leotard or bike shorts, please have tights on as well

Boys- Comfortable clothing

We have a hair in bun policy for all students that have long hair for all classes. Please ensure that your child's hair is pulled up and slicked back before class begins.

Dangly or hoop earrings, Apple Watches, and loose necklaces are not allowed in class.

Required Dance Shoes:

Creative Movement and Twist and Tumble:

Bare Foot. We believe that at the beginner stages of dance, children should learn to move freely barefoot.


Beginner-Intermediate Classes:

Tap: Bloch Tan Buckle S0302G

Jazz: Bloch Super S0401L

Ballet: Bloch Performa Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoe


Where do I purchase leotards and shoes from?


1. Amore Dancewear in Saginow



To be on dance or gymnastics Competition Teams, does my child have to compete both?

They do not, although some of our students do participate in both. All of our competitive students do take dance technique classes and our competitive dancers take a tumbling/conditioning class each week. We believe that technique is the foundation for excellence.

Can I watch my child in class?

Yes. We have an open lobby, and viewing windows in the preschool room and studios. We recommend trying not to be a distracting while your child is in class and allowing the teacher to have their undivided attention. Critiquing, calling for their attention, or coaching from the lobby is not allowed, but showing excitement, expressing your pride, or waving or blowing a kiss for comfort is encouraged. There is a lot going on in our facility and it does get loud during peak hours.

Pricing Overview:

We offer a 10 percent family discount - Please email us for more information

Please check back for our 24/25 pricing in August

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